About Me


The Early Years 

I started playing drums by the age of 7 and joined my first band when I turned 10. Shortly after joining the band I started to practice playing bass, guitar and piano. When I enjoyed my first concert by the band Tangerine Dream in the mid 80´s, I caught fire about synthesized music and by the age of 14 bought my first analog synthesizer, the Korg MS20. I started experimenting and tweaking with sounds and combined this with my Atari and Amiga computer as a sequencer and sound module. In 1989 I played my first gigs as a solo artist named KeeMo at the Königsburg Krefeld to support their Laser shows. In 1991 I built my own studio and production team called „Cimo Musicproduction“. Just two years later I released my first single Perplexer - Acid Folk which reached No. 5 at the official German single Charts and got gold record awarded, followed by various other releases

Next Step

In 1994 I left „Cimo Musicproduction" and joined the event and publishing company „Bionic Beats“ based in Cologne. I started producing at the famous Dierks Studios where artists like The Scorpions, Tangerine Dream, Ike & Tina Turner, Michael Jackson and other pioneers of music and sound started their career or produced their music. Just 1 year later Dieter Dierks (owner of the Dierks Studios), André Schild (Bionic Beats) and I found the „Breeze Dance Division“, which became a music production company with its own publishing, promotion and label division, signed by BMG worldwide as a jointventure. We produced and worked with artists such as Ofra Haza, Michael Jackson, Scorpions, Tyree Cooper, just to name a few. In my function as manager of production I conducted the workflow and seamless exchange of information between artists, management, studio, label and our 4 studios, producers and engineers. I used any free minute to get my hands on the legendary equipment of these studios to create new soundscapes for my solo projects including my release KeeMo-The Dawn. I was the first artist in music history, who released a DVD Plus version as a music single. This version had its own sequencing software, including a 5.1 dolby digital sound version. Sony Playstation permitted the use of the footage from their game Wipeout Fusion, which was combined with a stylish music video by renowned artist Benno Klandt, while leading German music technologists Emagic provided a version of their famous Logic software for inclusion on each CD - everyone got the chance to make their own remix of the song.

This way I could expand my skills on a wide range of recording equipment like SSL 4000G, Logic, Cubase, Protools, Urei/ Fairchild/ Compressors, a wide range of microphones like AKG, Neumann, Brauner, Shoeps,… and many more. 



In 1998 I became a Beta Tester for the Logic 5 software by Emagic and joined the sounddesign team in 2003 when Logic became an Apple product. I created about 1000 presets and Sounds for Logic Pro 7 and 8 as well as Loops for the Garageband expansion pack Electronic. During that time André Schild and I left the Dierks Studios and concentrated on producing and developing new ways of music production for TV shows, movies and advertisements. We successfully launched our company „Bionic Ballroom“ with sounddesign, compositions and productions for clients such as Sony Playstation (MTV, PS3 Launch TV spot), Porsche Design (Edition 1, Mobile, Cayman Edition 1), Mercedes Benz, RTL Television, RTL II (station claim), iTV Studios, Brainpool TV, Harman Kardon, Telekom, Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo) amongst many others.